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We grow them fresh

StandWe are Becky and Neil Rhodes, the owners of Vol Firs, and we are so happy you are visiting our web site!  Please make yourself at home and check out our Christmas trees and other products that will contribute to your joyous Christmas this year!


"Fresh from our home to yours"

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Our Trees

farm in winter

You're buying direct from the grower

Neil Becky We sell fresh, blue ribbon Fraser Fir Christmas trees, which we grow ourselves on our farm in Laurel Springs NC.  Our farm is at approximately 3,300 ft. elevation in the mountains of northwestern, NC; making it an ideal environment to grow Fraser Fir Christmas trees.  We fertilize, shear, select, harvest and transport each tree personally which results in a beautiful tree that you and your family will enjoy.

Fraser Firs have rapidly become the preferred Christmas tree by families across America.  Compared to other species, Fraser Firs have better needle retention, they maintain their freshness longer, and they have a pleasant aroma.  They have many strong branches, which will hold a wide range of Christmas ornaments, and a straight top for your angel or star.  The needles are soft and pliable, rather than sharp and stiff, making trimming the tree a joy, particularly for the little ones!

In addition to our Fraser Firs, we also have White Pines, Norway Spruce, and Canaan Firs grown locally in Blount County, TN.

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Wreaths, Garland, Mail Box Hangers, Crosses & Tree Stands

Handmade and decorated

Wreath RackIn addition to our trees, we sell a wide size range of handmade wreaths. Wreaths are made with fresh fir, pine, and other evergreens. They range from 16" to 28" in stock at all times, and up to 48" wreaths will be custom made to order. Wreaths can be bought with or without bows, or fully decorated with cones and or berries. In addition, we sell White Pine and Fraser Fir garland in various lengths.  Also, we have a wide range of tree stands for all sizes of Christmas trees and wreath hangers all at prices at or below those of the discount stores. We also have the only square wreaths in Blount County.  



Make it one-stop shopping

Wreath        Swag

Kissing Ball

Kissing Balls

Our Kissing Balls are made from fresh fraser fir greens with red bows and ribbons. "Kissed" with a hint of red berries. Contains a stay fresh oasis so suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Hang from a chandelier, in a doorway; or use in place of hanging baskets for instant outdoor decorating. $ 21 plus tax.



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1514 W. Broadway Avenue
Maryville, TN 37801

Telephone Number: (865) 850-3824


Our retail lot is conveniently located beside AgCentral Farmers Co-op, just east of National Fitness Center. Parking is plentiful, and our lot is clean and paved. The lot is well lighted at all times to make your tree shopping experience a pleasant one.

If you need help in locating us, please use the map located below or give us a call for directions.













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Operating Hours

Monday thru Saturday- 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday- 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

We open the day after Thanksgiving

Open 7 days a week

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Christmas Tree Prices

Our trees are priced by size.  In spite of the rise in the prices of fertilizer and other inputs, we continue to keep our prices very reasonable

trees on lotTree prices are the following:

Size (ft) Price ($)
4' - 5' (table top) $ 30 *
5' - 6' $ 40 *
6' - 7' $ 50 *
7' - 8' $ 60 *
8' - 9' $ 80 *
9' - 10' $ 125 *
10' - 11' $ 145 *

White Pine price: $ 29 * for 6-8 ft.

* Plus Sales Tax

At no extra charge!

  • We will be happy to put a fresh cut on the butt of the tree, so it will take-up water
  • We can trim off some of the bottom limbs so it will fit in your tree stand. 
  • We will wrap your tree in netting, which will make it easy to transport and take into your house.
  • We will load your tree into, or on, your vehicle.

We accept debit cards, cash, or personal checks.

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Tree care tips

  • Once you get your tree home, promptly put it in your tree stand with plenty of water.
  • Keep the tree in water, in the stand, during the entire period the tree is in use.  Check the water level daily and add more as needed.  Do not let the stand go dry.  Sugar, aspirin, nutrients or other additives in the water are not needed.
  • If storing several days before decorating, store outside in a cool, shaded area.  Place it promptly in a container of water.  Sprinkle or mist the tree with water to help retain freshness, but do not soak the tree. 
  • Avoid high temperatures.  Place tree away from sources of heat.
  • Be sure the tree is well supported.
  • Tree lights should not be left on unless someone is at home.  Turn off before going to bed.
  • Check electrical cords for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Remove dry trees promptly after Christmas before they create a fire hazard.

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Contact Us

Telephone Number: (865) 850-3824


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are Maryville residents, and take pride in your overall experience with Vol Firs.

Neil and Becky








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